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Charlie Bennett is a singer/songwriter/guitar player.  He performs as both a solo act and with the band Freudian Press.


Freudian Press Music:

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The Press:
Freudian Press started in 1994, performing regularly for audiences in Chicago and Peoria, IL, as well as clubs and taverns throughout the region.  Charlie is a self-taught musician, thus the reason for his playing a right-handed guitar upside down, as a lefty.  In addition to the over 60 original songs he has written, Charlie is also a published poet, and designs and draws posters for Press shows (examples available at FP's profile).  With a catalog of more than 150 covers in addition to his original compositions, he is never lacking material, and has performed shows in excess of 5 hours.  He is currently still writing, and recording sessions are in the works. 

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