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A Letter from Charlie...

Hello. My name is Charles Bennett, and I am Freudian Press. I play what I call "American Outsider Music'', in deference to the "Outsider" folk-art movement. I am a self-taught musician, and that is why I play my guitar upside-down. Although I can neither read nor write music, I have performed more than sixty of my songs in front of audiences since 1994, when Freudian Press first took the stage as a five-piece 'avant-garde' group in Chicago. Since then, the Press have taken the stage in many forms... from an acoustic solo act, to a nine-piece loud, electric, rock 'n roll band. Calling both Chicago and Peoria "home", there have been a number of musicians in Freudian Press, each having added his or her unique fingerprint to my music, but, essentially, the songs remain the same.

Not only do Freudian Press fans sing along, they've even made up a new dance for a one of my songs! It still amazes me that people are willing to pay money to see me perform... but I sure do appreciate it. The Press developed a loyal following. There's always a group of regulars in the audience, and it's great to see familiar faces nearly everywhere I've performed. Press fans have traveled to shows in neighboring states... sometimes in a caravan with the band, and sometimes all on their own. They say flattery is the greatest form of compliment. Well, a while after I'd moved back home to Chicago, I heard through the grapevine that a band down in Peoria was wanting to play covers of a few Freudian Press songs they'd learned from the 14-song CD we released in 1996. I actually got to meet the band, and of course gave them permission to perform the FP tunes. They said they'd first heard of us from their older brothers and sisters, and wanted to keep the spirit alive down in P-Town.

Sometimes I think it comes with the territory, but I am one of the many thousands who suffer from clinical depression. It took a few years away from my pursuit of a career in music, but I'm back on track, and will continue on my path of recovery. I have found that music is far and away the best form of therapy for me, as it also is the most effective, and sometimes only way, I communicate my thoughts and feelings in a way that everybody can easily understand.